"Taro came out to my pond yesterday and brought a bag as a gift. I tried it after he left.

My fish have historically been very picky eaters. EAShow, Blackwater, HiSilk, and others that come high recommended as being very palatable have received very ho hummm reviews by my herd. The EAShow I bought was OK the mid size and smaller koi seemed to like it, but the big gals were not real enthusiatic in eating it.

When the Kodama food hit the water the results were almost instant, ALL the fish were up to the top scarffing it up. I have NEVER seen my fish act like that! It really is fun to feed them now!

-- Carol M., TX

“ At Sacramento Koi we appreciate that for quality koi to reach their full potential and thrive it is essential that they be provided with excellent water quality and a good diet. For that reason we are always testing new and different koi foods to see which koi food provides the best results. By far, the best results we have received to date were from Kodama’s Color Up koi food. The way it enriched the colors, especially the hi (red), was wonderful and the increased growth was impressive. Additionally, the koi couldn’t eat it fast enough. I just want to thank Kodama Koi Farm for developing an excellent koi food.”

--Steve Walker, President of Sacramento Koi 

"The Koi definitely like it, and I can see a difference in the reds of my gosanke."
--Dick Benbow, "the Koi Coach "


compare the “Kodama Koi Food Color Up” to their superior Kodama Koi, the finest quality that is offered to the public. The koi will blossom to their fullest brilliancy and definition in a short period of time. I recommend this exceptional product without hesitation. 8/10/2009 J B (FL.)


I am very satisfied with the Koi food,the fish love it and they have either kept their color or improved on some. Very important to me is, it does NOT cloud the water. Since I keep them in the house I keep the water crystal clear! This food allows me to do that, just as Hikari food did.
Also, this food smells very good and the packaging keeps it
fresh. I like it alot and would continue to use it!
GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  8/10/2009 BC (PA.)


We are having excellent results with the new and improved Kodama color up food. The colors and wonderful and the black and reds are vibrant. I am hooked and will be feeding this to my koi daily.  8/10/2009 B&R L. (WA.)


Fish really enjoyed the food. Food has nice "clean" feel to it. Definitely can see a difference in coloration. Looking forward to seeing how much more the color will change as I continue to feed. 8/10/2009 DN (HI.)


My koi love this food and though I've only used a small portion of it their color seems to be improving.
Thank you for allowing me to try this excellent product. 8/13/2009 GM (CA.)


The koi where very impressed with the Kodama food. They just swarmed after it and I'm wondering if they will go back to their regular diet.  9/7/2009 AM (VA.)


It has the appearance of a very high quality food, and yes, the fish love it too. 8/10/2009 A G (AZ.)