Originated over 250 years ago from black carp, Japanese Koi evolved to become the beautiful creatures you see in present day Japan. As often described, Japanese Koi are truly “living jewels.”

Niigata, Japan is the hometown of Japanese Koi and remains the place to find the most beautiful Koi in the world. Since I started my business in 1967, I have visited Niigata more than any other person I know. It has been my pleasure to specialize in many beautiful Koi bred in Niigata.

Mamoru Kodama

From my senior dealers and breeders, my customers, and of course, Koi, I have learned so many things during this time. One of the most important things concerns their food. Unlike other jewels, a Koi’s beauty lives and breathes. They are growing beauties. Food has a strong influence on the Koi’s health and beauty. That familiar phrase---you are what you eat---holds just as true for Koi as it does for us.

It has been my honor to win several Grand Champion titles at the All Japan Nishikigoi shows. The Kohaku featured on my food label is one of the champions I raised. I can say with confidence that my special recipe fed to those champion winners made a huge contribution to their success.

In 2006, I decided to open Kodama Koi Farm in Hawaii. I have recognized for many years that the quality of its food is the secret to success in growing beautiful Koi. The more I researched the available options, the more disappointed I became. Nothing on the market measured up to my standards and would satisfy our needs. This being said, I decided to make my own based on my 45 years of experience.

The job was not an easy one. Finding the right ingredients alone took a few years. Writing recipes…test-feeding…and checking the results…all were time-consuming processes. Finally, I found the recipe and the ingredients that meet my standards to raise beautiful Japanese Koi.

Wherever your Koi come from, but especially if they are from Japan, it is disappointing to see their beauty fade and/or health decline. So I decided to share my Koi food in order that other Koi lover’s can have the same results and experiences we have had at the farm.

Raising Koi is fun. Watching them become more beautiful is even more fun. To sum it up… I am the biggest fan of Kodama Koi food and I would like to share the joy and results it provides with all of you.

Sincerely in KOI,

Mamoru Kodama
Founder & Chairman, Kodama Koi Farm
Author of Kokugyo Vol.1 & 2